Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some frequently asked questions / faqs along with some answers that you may find useful. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have a question that isn’t listed, you can submit your own question by following the link at the bottom of the page or email us direct and we’ll answer you as soon as we can. We may even list your question in our FAQs.

I have not used Staysput roll-on adhesive before. How should I apply it for the best results please?

Staysput is like a contact adhesive. You should apply plenty directly to the skin over the area you want to bond to, and wait several minutes until the glue has dried to become very tacky to the touch. Once you are happy it is very tacky, the fabric can then be applied to it.

Is Staysput skin glue safe?

Our formula has been tested by renowned International assurance, inspection, product testing and certification company Intertek based in London UK. We have a certificate of testing and it is certified as hypoallergenic. As with anything you put on the skin, if you haven’t used it before, test on a small area first and if you experience any issues at all then discontinue use.

How quickly will I get my order?

We aim to ship all orders from stock in 1 to 2 working days maximum. If you need something very urgently we can usually arrange Special Delivery at additional cost if you contact us.

Do you ship to Israel?

We ship anywhere in the world, where it is currently legal and ethical to do so, from our base in the UK. Please allow extra time for your order to clear customs if you are a long way from the UK.

Would it be possible for me to sell your products under my own brand from my Irish Dance Studio?

We are always happy to discuss the options. Some of our resellers started out quite small but are now some of our largest regular customers.

Can I buy your glue in the USA?

Certainly. We do regularly ship small orders to the USA, but we also have an excellent distributor based on Long Island, New York. We are happy to put you in touch with them directly if you prefer a local source to order from.

Can you make a brushable version of your body glue?

A great question and one we list in our faqs. In a nutshell – Yes. Our in house Chemists can make any modified version subject to volumes. Contact us if you would like us to develop a new product for you. We always love a challenge!

I used to buy your nipple petals from NEXT but I’m not sure if they sell them anymore?

Yes, we used to sell through NEXT but the volumes needed for them to justify the inventory were so high that it no longer fitted their business model. We sell via the website and a number of stockists now.