Excellent stuff, I suffer with Edema which results in swollen lower legs. Consequently I Can`t wear elasticated socks as they further restrict and makes the matter worse, I have to wear Non-elasticated ones which fall down. This stuff allows non-elasticated cotton socks with zero restriction but stay put for the whole day. Brilliant stuff.
Mike in East Kilbride
Amazing product. Highly recommend.

[Staysput Lymphoedema Compression & Surgical Stocking Glue.]
Sarah P, Leicester
I have Lymphoedema in my legs, this glue is fantastic at keeping my compression stockings up. Very highly recommended!!

(Staysput Glue, 6 X hand bag sized 10ml bottles bulk order.)
Verity, Southampton
Always check their Tweets.  There is often a discount code you can use!  Great products, thank you guys.
Donna S, Chesterfield
Many thanks, received the 12 x 50ml bulk pack today.

A much more efficient way for me to buy, as I order regularly anyway.


Barry Taylor
I used your glue and your tapes for my Wedding after being told about them by my Wedding dress shop. Every Bride to be should know about these essentials. I will tell all my friends about you.
Melanie H Birley, RuncornMelanie H Birley, Runcorn
I buy your glue regularly after being recommended it by my Doctor for my compression bandages. I suffer from Lymphoedema and this product is very good and economical to use
Mr L. Chisholm, HaslemereMr L. Chisholm, Haslemere
After buying your products for years, I finally achieved my lifelong ambition and opened my own Boutique in London. I now retail your tapes and nipple petals, and they are some of my best selling accessories.
Janet Fraser, LondonJanet Fraser, London
I needed a bottle of your glue urgently and I spoke to Hayley who was able to get me a bottle by Special Delivery next day before lunch time. Outstanding service, thank you Hayley.
Mrs F.W Beaufont, BlackburnMrs F.W Beaufont, Blackburn
Review for Staysput Body Adhesive / Glue

A little while ago, I talked about the difficulties of fake breasts and mentioned that I likely needed some form of glue to hold them on. Spurred by that post, I decided to splurge on some.

A quick internet search gave me Staysput body adhesive which came with a host of promises. Not least of which is being very adhesive but easy to wash off. I was keen to try it out so I set up for a day in my breast forms to see how it worked.

First impressions were that it is very easy to use. The roll on mechanism, basically the same as you get for deodorant, makes it very easy to apply the glue. You just need to roll over the area that you need your forms to stick to and press them in place. A thin layer is all that is needed to get adhesion. Though, I did have an issue in getting the area exactly right. I put the glue outside the place the forms stuck too a little. This meant that when I put a bra or clothes on top they got stuck to the glue. However, more practise, maybe adding the glue to the breast form instead and using a wet cloth to wipe away the excess will help with that.

Once the forms were on there was a noticeable difference. Before, even with a very supportive bra, there was a lot of movement. Now, it felt as though the breasts would stay where they were. The only time there were concerns were when bending over. At that point I could feel the glue giving way as the weight of the breasts pulled on it. However, other than that, they seemed fairly solidly placed. The website does state that they won’t let you go braless, and this is true. The adhesion is not strong enough to allow that. However, you can, if careful, change bras without the breast forms falling off. So long as you don’t bend over. In the image to the left, you can see me going braless with the glue. I was lying back but despite this there is still an impressive level of adhesion here.

An added bonus I noted was that I could pull the breast forms off to reposition them really easily. It did not seem to lose any adhesion when I did this. Which is a benefit if you don’t quite get them placed right first time.I guess this is also the mechanism by which it ‘moves with you’ as the product details claim. Was also a useful ability when changing bras to one that supported in a different way.

The main issue I encountered was more linked to my breast forms than the glue itself. It would, for example, work better if there was a flatter surface at the edge of the breast for it to adhere to. Instead, mine have a curve that makes it difficult to get the very edges to adhere properly so it looks like it is coming away. You see this a little in the image above.

The claims of it being easy to remove are also completely true. A quick wash with just water was all that was needed to get rid of the glue from your skin. You should also remember to wipe the breast forms too. I forgot to do this and came to find paper and other things stuck to my breasts when I got them out next time.

In all, I was reasonably happy with this. It allows a little more support and a better feeling of realism than loose breast forms. Ideally I’d love a product that did allow me to go completely braless but this is a good intermediate – strong enough for most occasions but not so strong that it sticks longer than you might want to or need some form of solvent to remove.

If you have other suggestions for keeping breast forms in place, I’d be happy to try them. Feel free to leave a comment…

Rose Satin

Reproduced from Twitter with kind permission of Rose Satin (@fetishdj)